10 Methods People Use To Quit Smoking And Number 1 Will Shock You! – Part Two

If you are reading this article, you probably want to know the next top 5 methods to quit smoking. Continuing with the article last week, here is a list of 5 methods that people use to quit smoking and one of these methods will shock you:

5) Nasal Sprayscollection-716809_1280

Nicotine nasal sprays pumps nicotine through your nostrils. It works in the same way as a cold or allergy relief medicine. It helps replace the nicotine addiction caused by smoking cigarettes.

Nasal sprays are more effective because nicotine is absorbed faster through the nasal cavity. It goes directly into the bloodstream just like it does by smoking cigarettes. Nasal sprays have a success rate similar to that of patches, gums and other Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs).

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4) Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes are free of tobacco and nicotine and are non-addictive. Unlike NRTs, herbal cigarettes use psychological effect to help you quit smoking. It consists of herbs that are flavored and especially treated to help you stay away from cigarettes.

Some of the herbs that make up a herbal cigarette are: Passion flower, Rose petals, Lotus leaf, Licorice root, Corn silk, Jasmine, Red clover flowers and Ginseng. Herbal cigarettes and herbal remedies have the same success rate.

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3) Acupunctureacupuncture-656578_1280

For people who dislike drugs, acupuncture is a better option.  In this treatment, thin acupuncture needles are inserted in the pressure points of the ear. The cranial nerves, that can be accessed through the ear, are used to stimulate the nervous system in such a way that the smoking cravings are reduced. Acupuncture also promotes the brain to release endorphins which in turn relaxes the patient.

Patients are also given ‘ear seeds’, is a type of acupressure, where tiny balls are placed on the targeted areas of the ear using adhesive tape. These ear seeds can be pressed when the urge to smoke arises. According to New Scientist, acupuncture has a success rate of 24% and are more successful in helping quitters as compared to NRTs.

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2) Inhalers

Nicotine inhalers are similar to asthma inhalers. The inhaler is pumped inside the mouth and nicotine is inhaled whenever a craving occurs. However, the doses are calculated and nicotine is released in vapor form.

The cartridge that contains nicotine is designed to last 20 minutes. It also helps the smoker carry something in his hand which is similar to the habit of carrying a cigarette. Nicotine inhalers are also a part of NRTs and have been criticized for their success rates based on impractical ways of experiment.

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1) Hypnosis


Hypnosis is the most underrated and useful method known to help people quit smoking. It is effective because it addresses your subconscious, which is essentially responsible for your habits. It also tackles all the triggers that urge you to smoke. It is easier than using willpower where you have to focus on constantly stopping yourself from smoking or finding new activities to replace your smoking habits.

Unlike other therapies, where you might start developing unhealthy habits such as constantly eating resulting in weight gain, hypnosis has no side effects. It sends the person into a deep and relaxed state where they are more open to suggestions. Hypnotherapists focus on changing the thought patterns of the smoker. They will make suggestions such as ‘I don’t need a cigarette’ or ‘Cigarette smoke makes me nauseous’. According to New Scientist, the most effective way for smokers to quit smoking is hypnosis. The success rate of hypnosis is almost 30 percent! Furthermore, success rate as high as 66% has been noted for quitters who attended at least 4 hypnotherapy sessions. Some hypnotherapists take up to three sessions, however, most specialists do it in one long session with a potential for a follow up.

If you are looking for the most reliable method to help you quit smoking, then, hypnotherapy is the perfect choice. There are different hypnosis techniques which have different effects on people. Some hypnotherapists use the common technique with suggestions which simply help you to quit.  However, some hypnotherapists specialize in certain areas such as anxiety, weight loss, phobias and a few others. You can visit any hypnotherapist, however, I would recommend visiting a specialist for smoking cessation. A smoking cessation specialist will address every single trigger that makes you smoke and will help you replace each one of them. A longer time might be spent in an individual session but it will be done only to ensure that every part of your needs, wants, and reasons for smoking are taken care of.

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