10 Methods People Use To Quit Smoking And Number 1 Will Shock You! – Part One

If you want to quit smoking, you have to be informed of every single method that can help you through the process. Unfortunately, the information being presented in paid advertisements is either half true or flawed. So, if you are reading this, you have successfully found a factual and reliable list of methods that can help you quit smoking. Now that you have passed the first step in your mission, have a look at the list of 5 methods that people commonly use to quit smoking:

10) Patches and Gums


Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) includes nicotine patches and gums. Nicotine patches are placed on your upper arm to supply you with a low level of nicotine which is absorbed by the skin. The steady flow is then inserted into the blood stream so that your body is not completely deprived of nicotine.

Nicotine gums are medical chewing gums to prevent smoking cravings. When you chew the gum, a low amount of nicotine content is released in your mouth. When you feel a tingling sensation, you move the gum to the side of your mouth and place it there. When the tingling is gone, you start chewing it again and repeat the procedure.

Patches and gums are the least effective methods to quit smoking as they only have a success rate of 7%. Using your willpower has a higher success rate when compared to patches and gums. Studies that show these patches and gums are 40% – 50% successful are inaccurate and flawed. Firstly, people who take part in these studies get free patches and gums. They are frequently tested, visit the hospital routinely, receive free counseling, and are paid to be a part of the study. All these factors strongly affect the results because in real life, no smoker is worried that his quitting habits will influence the results of a study. Also, being paid is a strong incentive and can positively alter the results of the study.

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9) Willpower

Willpower requires the use of ‘self-talk’ and mental strength. First, you motivate yourself to start the journey. Then in case of a craving, you talk yourself out of smoking a cigarette and you convince yourself that you must continue the process.

One of the willpower strategies include ‘Cold Turkey’, where a smoker quits cigarettes abruptly using only his willpower to fight against his cravings. It is accomplished without using any medical products or seeking professional help. It is to be noted that smoking habits are avoided by changing the daily routine and taking part in new activities.

Research has shown that willpower is more effective than NRTs. According to New Scientist, willpower has a success rate of 6%. Even though it is lower than patches and gums, it must be kept in mind that their claims of doubling the quit rate are based on unrealistic experimentation.

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8) Support Groupswomen-1598153_1280

Support groups can be found in hospitals, volunteering organizations and community centers. You are more likely to be influenced by successful quitting stories because human beings are highly effected by people around them. Thus, you join a support group to compare your quitting plan with the rest of the group, share your stories and the progress you make. Once you announce your commitment in front of people, it helps you stay true to your word.

According to the Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence Clinical Practice Guideline, the success rate of support groups is 1.3% – 1.5%. Support groups start with the educational approach, where the group leaders talks about the reasons behind addiction, and different methods to quit smoking. The second approach involves discussion between peers and group counseling.

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7) Herbal Remedies

There are certain herbs that help people quit smoking. For example, Licorice is a herb used to prevent coughs and irritation in the lungs caused by respiratory diseases. It can also restore your energy and reduce exhaustion while you are suffering from smoking withdrawals.

Oats can also help you during smoking withdrawals. It helps reduce insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety. Wild oat tea is also recommended to smokers who want to quit. Some other herbs that help you in the process of quitting are: Calamus, Catnip, Korean Ginseng and Passionflower.

Although a study claimed that a herb combined with a counseling session boosted the quit rate by 37.5%, there have been little or none evidence of herbal remedies and high success rates.

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6) Lozengesdrug-621843_1280

Nicotine lozenges, like nicotine gums, are also consumed orally. However, they are not chewed but are allowed to be dissolved in the mouth. You can’t eat or drink while taking nicotine lozenges and they take almost 30 minutes to dissolve.

Lozenges are known to have a success rate similar to other nicotine replacement therapies. It works on the same principle as other NRTs, where a steady amount of nicotine is ingested so that withdrawals are easier to bear. However, make sure to consult your pharmacist or your doctor before starting this treatment.

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