7 Questions You Might Have About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the best methods to quit smoking. People have various misunderstandings regarding hypnotherapy, most of which include false reports. This article includes 7 questions you might have about hypnotherapy, and their answers.

1) What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy which uses hypnosis to address your subconscious, which is the most important part of your mind as it is responsible for your habits, feelings and thoughts. Hypnosis sends the conscious critical mind in a relaxed state, however, it does not make you forget the hypnosis session as shown in movies. As mentioned earlier, your subconscious is active and is more open to suggestions.

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2) Is Hypnotherapy safe?

As opposed to popular myths, hypnotists can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. You are always in control and can opt out of the treatment if you don’t want to continue. As long as your hypnotherapist is trained and certified by a reputable organization, you don’t need to worry.

3) Does it really work?

According to New Scientist, “hypnotherapy is the most effective way of giving up smoking.” The success rate of hypnotherapy was found to be 30%, which is higher than any other methods of quitting smoking.

To read more about the success rates, visit New Scientist.

4) Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects of hypnotherapy because you are only addressing the triggers that prompt you to smoke. You are not using your willpower or your mental strength to avoid smoking. You don’t have to find any new activities to replace your smoking habits and there are no medications involved in this treatment.

5) I heard it did not work for some people. Why?

For hypnotherapy to work, you should attend the sessions with an open mind. No one should be forced to try hypnotherapy. You should really want to change your smoking habit for the treatment to work. Furthermore, listening to hypnotherapy on DVD/CD or a seminar is much less effective than having a personalized session with a specialist.

6) How many sessions will I need?

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation usually takes only one session. The therapist will spend sufficient amount on each and every part of your reasons or needs for smoking. Some therapists may advise you to take 3 sessions, however, most of them do it in one session with a potential for a follow up.

7) How do I choose a Hypnotherapist?

You should search for a hypnotherapist that is properly trained and is able to perform the session in person. Try to find a smoking cessation specialist as he/she will largely help you to quit smoking. You should also call them, or inquire about any doubts that you might have about hypnotherapy. It is always a good idea to visit their blog or website to check their qualifications and successful stories.

Mr. Muneer Al-Busaidi – trained & certified by the co-founder & brainchild of NLP Dr Richard Bandlar as well as Paul McKenna (one of the world’s most famous hypnotists) – is a Hypnotherapist based in Abu Dhabi. Give him a call at: (+971) 50 667 9752


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