Stop smoking in Abu Dhabi

Stop smoking in Abu Dhabi Using Hypnotherapy

If you live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you are able to stop smoking through multiple methods.

There are obviously the old school ways such as patches, nicotine gum and more. Then people start speaking about hypnosis which sounds like at first glance may sound like some magical or mystical thing however in actual fact – it is the most natural process and you actually experience trance every single day!

In order to explain what it is and why it so effective allow me to just explain that your brain has two parts –

Your conscious brain and your subconscious brain.

Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that you are aware of – this is about 10% of your brain. This is where you do your calculations, you tell yourself to do things – this is where your will power lies etc.

Your subconscious mind is 90% of your brain.

Notice the temprature in the room

Notice any sounds around you.

Notice how fast your heart is beating

Your subconscious mind tracks everything however chances are you were not “consciously” aware of those until i brought them up. So your conscious mind accessed your subconscious.

Same as when you need to remember something! Your conscious mind has to access your subconscious!


OK So What has that got to do with me quitting smoking!

This is why all this is important – smoking is a subconscious habit – and willpower is a conscious habit.

Willpower does ok for a short time however when will power is gone we resort to our habits.


So what has hypnosis got to do with this!

The reason hypnosis is so powerful – is hypnosis is the art and science of speaking to your subconscious mind. To address all the triggers and reasons that you smoke and convince your mind that you dont need to have that habit any more.

Is this guaranteed to work?

Let me start of by saying that hypnosis is not magic and I can never make anyone do something that they do not want to do. You will also find that because I offer a money back guarantee – I will ask someone to convince me they want to quit first.

The reason I do this is because I want to avoid working with people who may have been sent by a parent or spouse. I cannot make anyone do anything they dont want to.

However for those that are extremely serious about quitting – hypnosis is extremely effective because it focuses on replacing all your needs and the reasons you smoke, it addresses all the triggers that prompt you to smoke and addresses the actual “HABIT” of smoking instead of having some random plan that says lets chew gum and hope for the best!


Where can I do this in the UAE? Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

While its still a fairly new concept in the UAE – there are a few hypnotherapists in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They each have their strengths. I know a number of them and they are all very good, many have their different styles and preffered methods.

I want to be completely upfront and straight with you about myself.

  1. While I have trained with some of the best in the world and am passionate about the field of hypnosis I do not do this full time and so I do not have an office.
  2. As such with my services – I will come to you! I am based in Abu Dhabi and can come to Dubai on a weekend.
  3. In the pictures below you can see I have been trained by the creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandlar and Paul McKenna who is the UK’s best selling personal development author and one of the worlds most famous hypnotists.
  4. Trained by Dr Richard Bandler the creator of NLP

    Trained by Dr Richard Bandler the creator of NLP

Muneer has trained with Paul McKenna best selling author and one of the worlds most famous hypnotists

Muneer has trained with Paul McKenna best selling author and one of the worlds most famous hypnotists

3. I am extremely confident of my techniques that I offer a guarantee – however because I offer a guarantee, I am also selective about the people I work with. I only want to work with people who are serious about quitting for themselves (please do not Contact Me if someone is making you quit!) – this is because I want to ensure a full success rate.

4. The guarantee is simple – I dont want to motivate you to start again (some people may think – awesome Ill get my money back) so instead you have two options. 1. In the unlikely event you do not quit – we donate your investment to a charity. OR 2. You come back for some free sessions to sort it out.

To contact me go to this Free ebook download page – this is a page where you can get a Free ebook as a thank you for entering your details – I will then get in touch in due time.




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